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A Reminder About Wedding Insurance


WeddingInsurance_WeddingRisk We've written a few blog posts about wedding insurance before, but here is a reminder: every wedding should have wedding insurance!

As I type this post, fierce storms with damaging winds and enough rain to cause flooding and landslides are hitting California. What if your wedding was this weekend?

Closer to home, a North Florida wedding venue had some issues last month that caused them to tell couples getting married in December that they can't host their events. What would you do if you had 10 days to move your entire wedding? Or if you DJ or photographer suddenly went missing?

Wedding insurance covers so many things that brides and grooms don't want to think about. But saying "it won't rain on my wedding day" doesn't mean you shouldn't have a backup plan. And wedding insurance is the ultimate backup plan.

This article from CNBC illustrates just what a benefit insurance can be. Josh and Kristina paid around $250 for their insurance policy and were reimbursed for roughly $14,000 in deposits they had paid when their Brooklyn wedding venue went out of business. Just like you wouldn't want to drive your $25,000 car without insurance, you don't want to invest that amount (or significantly more) in your wedding and not have protection.

We recommend WedSafe and Wedding Protector Plan for wedding insurance - check out their websites for more info!

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