How To Hire a Wedding Photographer

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By Jennifer Brum, Certified Professional Photographer |  phone 904.382.7255

For many brides, the wedding photography is often the most important part of the event. After the music has stopped, the cake has been eaten and the guests are gone, the wedding photos are all that remain of your wonderful day. For that reason, hiring a wedding photographer can be one of the most important and yet, nerve wracking decisions you’ll make.

But, don’t stress! There are many resources available to brides-to-be including local and national professional photographer associations and many experienced, well-trained and professional photographers in Jacksonville. Even your friends that are former brides can be an excellent referral source for you. 

Did you know that there is a local association for professional photographers? The Professional Photographers Society of North Florida (PPSNF) is an organization of photographers committed to helping photographers achieve career success and professionalism through education and networking. They have an excellent website, that includes a complete member listing. Brides can view member websites, preview a gallery of work and contact the ones they would like to meet. 

On the national level, many photographers belong to the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) which provides similar resources, but also includes an explanation of the certification process for photographers. The PPA website is

Most importantly, interview many photographers in your area to find the best match for you. After checking their credentials, does their photography style match how you envision your day? Do your personalities get along? What about references? 

Ask about their experiences at your location. What type of equipment do they use? Have they been trained in various lighting styles? What do they need from you to provide the best images possible? What type of albums and packages do they offer? 

After you have hired your photographer, communicate with them often. Let them get to know you. An engagement session is the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted in a relaxed setting. 

Lastly, remember to plan your day so that you can relax and have fun. If you are enjoying your day it will show in your images. So, try to accomplish as much as possible before the big day, delegate tasks that can’t be done early and focus on you and your groom.

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