Dancing Through Life

While I was at the ABC conference this week, I met two super fun people with a super great product - "Dancing Together: A 90-minute Guide for a Beautiful Wedding Dance."  While I often suggest to my couples that they should take dance lessons prior to their wedding, this DVD is great for those that have limited time or limited budgets.  Plus, it can be done in the privacy of your own home! The DVD breaks down basic steps, and teaches you how to either "lead" or "follow" rather than choreographing specific moves.  This means you not only learn to dance for your wedding, but you learn to dance for life!  The 90-minute video is broken down into chapters, which include:

  • First Dance Steps
  • Moving Your Partner
  • Rotating Steps
  • Follower's Turn
  • The Entrance
  • Moving Away and Together
  • She Goes Turn
  • Waist Slide Turn
  • The Ending
  • Selecting Your Music
  • The video's website, http://beautifulweddingdance.com, has sample clips, reviews, and ordering information.

    As a special gift to all First Coast Weddings and Events 2008 couples, we will be sending this DVD to you for free!