A Comment on Comments

As the CBA (Chief Blogging Addict) for First Coast Weddings, I am always reading other blogs looking for inspiration.  I even went to a seminar last weekend at the Association of Bridal Consultants' Florida State Conference about blogging.  Super-sweet Orlando coordinator Kerline Docteur gave a great presentation about the basics of blogging to an audience ranging from experienced bloggers to newbies to the completely clueless.  What a challenge! Kerline brought up a point about comments on blogs.  When I set up the FCWE blog, I outlawed comments.  Not only did I use the "don't allow comments" within the blog framework, I went so far as to delete all references to comments in the layout.  A good friend and local magazine publisher agreed with my decision and I never thought twice about it.

Well thanks to Kerline, I have now reconsidered.  She talked about what a great network you can create by commenting on other vendors' and brides' blogs, and how comments can really add to that sense of community that we tend to lose on the internet. That made me think about all the other vendors' blogs that I post comments on - mostly photographers when they post photos of one of our clients. Why not give them the opportunity to post comments on our blog?

So as of today, you will see the comment option back on our blog.  I haven't gone back to re-instate it on all the old posts, only on those from the past two months.  I'm still going to require approval on comments, to avoid spam and other nastiness, but hopefully our readers will like this new feature! Leave a comment and let me know!

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