Melanie Wishes She Knew...

From our “I Wish I Knew…” series!

I wish I had known how much I was going to want our wedding festivities to last; I would have made an extra effort to plan a farewell brunch with all of our guests.  Many of our friends and family just happen to run into each other during breakfast at a restaurant close to their hotel.  I've heard many stories about how fun it was to spend some extra time together and reminisce about the night before.  And each time I've said to myself, "I really wish we had been there."

Your wedding will probably be the only time you have so many of your loved ones celebrating together in the same time and place, and it is a very touching experience.  The farewell brunch is a great way to spend more time with your friends and family in a more relaxing and informal atmosphere.  You'll get to hear about parts of your wedding that you missed, and of course how fabulous it was!  So when you begin to think that you couldn't possibly plan another wedding related gathering consider adding just this one more:  I wish I had.