Kudos to Clay at Anything With Plants!


Clay Tillman, Weddings and Special Events Coordinator at Anything with Plants and Flowers recently completed the class European Hand-tied Bouquets hosted by Teleflora at its state of the art Education Center in Oklahoma City, OK.  Floral designers from all over North America attended the seminar to sharpen their skills and grow their design abilities. Clay participated in four days of intensive hands-on design sessions, mastering the latest hand-tied bouquets. Taught by world renowned floral designer, Els Hazenburg, AIFD of Aalsmeer, Holland, the class focused on discovering new materials, design techniques, color theory and marketing ideas for fresh flowers. Each student was taught how to update their design style using the latest techniques from Holland.Students were challenged to complete a series of projects during the class.

“This class explored how flowers can be used in many exciting forms for today’s trend-conscious customers,” said Marie Ackerman, AIFD, Teleflora’s Vice President of Education. “The students were challenged to interpret the ideas presented and to add their own creative twist.”

As you interview vendors for your wedding, be sure to ask how they stay up-to-date on current trends and new products.  Continuing education is vital in every industry, and we highly recommend working with vendors that value this experience.