Tulle is a 4-Letter Word


"You can never have enough tulle!" I was listening to tonight's episode of "My Fair Wedding" on WeTV while sitting on the couch with my laptop, trying to organize my calendar for the short week ahead.  When I heard the phrase, "You can never have enough tulle," I had to look up and hit the rewind button on my DVR.

I thought David Tutera's head was going to explode.  Literally.

Luckily, he held it together with a smirk and a "oh yes you can!"

In case you haven't read Danielle's updated bio, she had a great take on this: "I believe that tulle has its place... and that place is underneath a wedding gown."  Unfortunately, David's bride Amanda had an entire dress made of tulle, and was planning to have more tulle added!

If you are considering using tulle anywhere in your wedding (except UNDER your dress!), call a design professional for other ideas - whether it is your coordinator, your florist, or just a friend who knows fabrics. Organza, chiffon, and silk are much nicer words to use in your vocabulary.

(Strangely enough, David let her keep her tulle dress! I didn't see that one coming.)