Accordian Envelope Project


I was exploring today, looking for some fun new papers to use around the office in 2009.  To my surprise, I came across a project that fills a need I have been dealing with for a long time: organizing paper in my purse.

I am constantly finding a stack of paper in the bottom of my purse - business cards that I get at networking events, business and personal receipts, and ideas I write down while driving.  I have been looking for something to corral all that paper without adding even more weight to my already hefty handbag, and I think this is just the thing!

As a wedding-related use, imagine how cute this would be to send to your out-of-town guests!  Pockets could be labeled accommodations, attractions, restaurants, events, maps - or, if you are planning an entire wedding weekend, each day could have a pocket with that day's itinerary, dress code, etc.

For complete project instructions, visit the website.

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