Abby & Ryan (02.21.09) - Part 3

Abby and Ryan are featured in The Florida Times-Union!  Here's a little teaser of the article:

For Abby Dwyer and Ryan Beazley, going from friends to more-than-just friends was as easy as working in a restaurant right after college.

The two met in 2003 when Abby was hired to be a waitress at the Ale House in Davie, and Ryan, who already worked at the restaurant, was assigned to train her.

The two enjoyed an instant connection.

"She liked my sense of humor and dashing good looks," said Ryan, now 27, and a designer at Brown Enterprises, an architectural signage manufacturer in Jacksonville.

His height didn't hurt either. Ryan is 6 feet 6 and Abby is 5 feet 8.

"Tall men are hard to come by in Miami, and I was always looking for my tall guy," said Abby, now 28 and the manager of Professional Recruiting at CSX in Jacksonville.

The night after he met Abby, Ryan called his older brother, Chris, in Chicago. "Ryan told me he met this really amazing, vivacious girl," Chris said.

One week later, Abby called her father in Maryland. "I told him, 'Dad, this is it. I've met my future husband,' " Abby recalled.

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