Don't Tell The Bride!


As l am from England,  of course l have BBC America! I absolutely love this channel and have come across a new television show (well new to BBC America anyway!) called Don't Tell The Bride.

This show follows the groom-to-be who has been provided with $20,000 to create his bride's wedding of her dreams. There is one catch however,  which is that the groom only has one  month to plan the wedding, from selecting the venue, invitations, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses etc. and CANNOT speak or visit with his bride until the day of the wedding,  at the altar!

Throughout watching a couple of these episodes, l have felt excited, anxious, surprised and overwhelmed for these bride and grooms, and l do not even know these people! So this left me with a burning question for you bride-to-be's out there.

Would you let your husband- to- be plan your wedding from start to finish, including selecting your wedding dress?

If you would like to start watching this nail biting television show, the next show airs on BBC America, July 17th at 9.00 P.M.

Happy TV watching!!

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