Free Photos for a Good Cause

Photographer Ezra Ayala ( is doing something wonderful on Sunday!  He's offering free 15 minute photo shoots in exchange for a donation to help the people of Haiti. Here are the details from his blog:
So this is the deal. From 10am until it gets too dark, on Sunday, January the 24th, I'm booking 15 minute photo sessions in front of Anomaly (1021 Park Street - 5 Points). No appointment needed...I'm taking walk-ins! All you have to do is write a check to the Yele Foundation or UNICEF (any amount...just give!)...I'll have stamped envelopes already addressed to Yele or UNICEF...we'll put the check in the envelopes...and then give you the envelope...yes, we're using the honor'll be responsible for mailing the check! During that process, we'll get your contact info so that we can deliver your images! Pets are welcomed!

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