Tuesday Tips: Addressing and Mailing Your Wedding Invitations


Your wedding invitation is the first impression your guests will receive and sets the tone for your wedding!  After you've spent hours choosing just the right design and wording, don't spoil it buy having less-than-impressive envelopes!

  • Consult an etiquette book for proper addressing structure.
  • Invitations should always be hand-addressed.
  • Consider numbering your guest list and put the same number on the back of the response card; this way, if someone doesn't write their name on the card you will know whose it is!
  • Invitations should be mailed out six to eight weeks before the wedding.

Don't underestimate the value of calligraphy!  If you choose to hire a calligrapher, consider these tips:

  • Be sure to book your calligrapher as soon as possible, as many of the best book up far in advance.
  • Include extra envelopes, just in case of a mistake, ink blot, etc.
  • Give your calligrapher a typed list to ensure all names are spelled correctly.  Include the formal names for the outer envelope, and the less formal names for the inner envelopes.
  • Also ask your calligrapher about creating escort cards, seating charts, and other wedding accessories.

For more calligraphy and addressing advice, check out our friend Cami Franklin's website! She is one of the top calligraphers in North Florida and is extremely knowledgeable.

Photo from the The Personal Touch, Calligraphy By Cami blog

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