Tuesday Tips: Post-Bridal Show Organization

Hopefully, you attended Sunday's bridal show at the UNF University Center.  And hopefully, you left with a giant bag full of information.  So now what? I'm guilty myself. Especially at the home and garden shows.  I come home with all these great brochures and then they sit there, still in the bag, for a couple months until I throw the whole thing out without even looking at it again.

Let's start by sorting.  Hopefully sometime this week, while everything is fresh in your mind!  Pull out the brochures and postcards and flyers for the companies that really stood out in your mind.  That stack is priority number one.  Check out these companies' websites, or call to set up a meeting.

The next stack is for services you still need.  If you've already booked your photographer, throw out all of those brochures.  Even if you don't think you'll need a particular service, keep that brochure in the stack. You never know!

Now sub-divide pile #2 into the services you are currently looking for and those that you might need or ones you will focus on later.  For example, you need a cake but haven't booked your venue yet; put the cake brochures in a "later" pile.

Anything that is left and doesn't fit into any of these categories, throw away!  Eliminate as much clutter as possible in your wedding binder or file.  The exception: see if there are any photos you can use for inspiration, and clip them out.

Hopefully these tips will help you sort through the post-bridal-show chaos!

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