Royal Engagement Photos - Theirs and Yours!

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Prince William and his soon-to-be bride posed for their first official engagement portraits recently.  And, as expected, they look amazing!  So how can you get awesome engagement photos without the celebrity photographer?

  • Choose a photographer that you get along with.  If you feel relaxed, you will be relaxed in your photos!
  • Be yourself.  Don't were ridiculous outfits that have nothing to do with your personalities.  If you are jeans and t-shirt people, by all means wear jeans and t-shirts!
  • Along the same lines, think about having a theme for your session.  If you love a certain area of town, a tv show, or have an interesting hobby, why not incorporate this into your shoot?
  • Bring a few changes of clothes so that you have some variety to your  photos; just remember that patterns aren't great in photos.  Also remember to bring touch-up makeup, especially lipstick!
  • Rely on your professional photographer to get fun and unique shots.  Don't be afraid to do something crazy - it might just be your favorite shot!

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