Honoring Your Dad At Your Wedding


Mike & Marta Sat 0312 SPEC Weddings are often full of very "girly" moments shared between the bride and her mom - picking out the dress, getting hair and makeup done, etc. Dad is usually expected to show up with the checkbook. In honor of Father's Day, we thought we'd look at some ways to make Dad feel extra special on your wedding day.

  • Ask your dad for a military medal, a tie you particularly love, or a piece of jewelry you could incorporate into your wedding day ensemble as your something old.
  • If you won't be seeing your fiance before the wedding, stage a first look with your dad. Fathers often get very emotional the first time they see their little girl in their wedding gown and veil!
  • Take dance lessons with him, and your father-daughter dance will be a big hit.
  • Create something special for him to wear. Dads often look like all the other groomsmen or ushers, wearing the same tuxedo or suit. Get a special tie for him to wear, or add something unique to his boutonniere.
  • Ask your dad to sign your marriage license as one of the witnesses.

Do you have a special way you are including your father on your wedding day?

(Photo above from Marta and Michael's wedding earlier in 2014 - copyright Deremer Studios)

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