5 Things To Know Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

  1. We're not psychic. Communication is key, and we can't read your mind. If you make changes to the number of guests, the time of the ceremony/reception, the budget, etc. we need to know these things. One "minor" change can have a trickle-down effect that you don't realize.
  2. This is our job. Yes, we love you, and we are always happy to talk to you. During business hours. Or the occasional pre-arranged after-hours meeting. While we try to be flexible to accommodate your schedule, please understand that we also have friends/family/obligations outside of work, and if we don't take time to have a personal life we're going to have a nervous breakdown.
  3. It's really hard for us to schedule meetings and reply to emails on the weekends. Imagine it's your wedding day, and your wedding planner/coordinator is trying to squeeze in three meetings before arriving at your venue and working 12 hours. Not ideal.
  4. A wedding is a party, not a performance. We want you to have fun and enjoy your wedding day. And yes, details are very important. But when your wedding becomes such a production that you can't enjoy it with your family and friends, it's time to scale back a bit.
  5. We have ideal clients. If we feel our style/price point/personality doesn't match what you need, we're happy to refer you to another coordinator/planner. Don't be offended - we want you to have the best experience possible! 

Bonus #6. We hate sparkler send-offs. Handing people that have been drinking for 5+ hours fire and then asking people to walk very close to them is a bad idea. Find another option for your send-off!