Wedding Hair and Makeup Questions Answered By A Pro

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

Choosing a hair stylist and makeup artist for your wedding can be intimidating! We asked Nicole Boutros, owner of NIC Studios in Jacksonville, a few questions to help you in making your selection.


What type of experience or licensing should you look for in a wedding hair stylist or makeup artist? You want your stylist to be a licensed cosmetologist or facial specialist. Being licensed means that the artist has gone through the proper training when it comes to sanitation and what is best for each client. Also make sure your artist has insurance - that covers both parties in case something happens.

How much should I expect to pay for hair and make-up? Bridal hair and makeup is usually between $125-150 per service. Bridesmaids, moms, or others are usually $75 for hair and $75 for makeup.

What other charges might I incur? Be sure to review your contract for any additional charges you are responsible for, like travel or parking fees. Your artist(s) are booked for a certain time period based on the number of services contracted - if there are delays because someone is running late, you run the risk of overtime charges.

Why should I have my hair stylist and makeup artist come to my location, instead of going to a salon or a makeup counter? Bridal stylists are trained for bridal parties. It is easier to have the artists come to the location of the bride, so that she can relax and not have to rush from place to place to get ready.


How far before the wedding should you schedule a trial? We usually say about 6 months prior. It’s also a good idea to use the trial for your engagement shoot, bridal shower or date night.

What should I bring to my trial? Your veil, any hair pieces, extensions (if being used) and inspiration pictures of what you would like.

How much do trial runs cost? Average is $75 for hair and $75 for makeup

Wedding Day Prep

How should you prepare for your wedding day? Arrive with a clean face and day old hair. No waxing less then 3 days before the wedding!

How much time will we need per person on the wedding day? Each service takes about 30-45 minutes per person. Be sure to ask how many artists will be on site to calculate how early you’ll need to begin.

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