Tuesday Tips: The First Dance

The first dance is a special way to represent the bride's and groom's new relationship.  However, having 100 pairs of eyes staring at you as sway on the dance floor may more than a bit nerve-wracking.  Here are some tips to ease the stress:

  • Don't dance to the whole song; ask your band or DJ to play only 2 minutes of the song.
  • Schedule at least one professional dance lesson so that you are comfortable dancing together.  Learn how to lead and follow, which foot to step with first, and other basics.
  • Start practicing a few months before the wedding (not the week of the wedding!).
  • Make sure your band or DJ has the same version of the song that you have been practicing with.  If  there is any doubt, give them a copy of the CD.
  • If you plan to choreograph your dance, be sure to keep your wedding dress in mind.  There may be a lot of added weight and fabric for your new husband to dance around!

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