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Spotlight: The Engagement Ring Studio


ers This week, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely ladies at The Engagement Ring Studio. As a small studio, they offer a personal approach to selecting the perfect engagement ring. They work one-on-one with grooms to select the ideal ring for his bride, or custom design one if nothing is "just right."

Rather than a sea of glass cases, the studio has open displays where the rings can easily be viewed, touched, and admired. In addition, they have a selection of earrings, necklaces, as well as non-diamond options.

I was impressed that they are dedicated to designing a ring that not only the bride will love, but the groom will be comfortable with price-wise. Before they even start looking at diamonds, they look at budget. Much better than the guilt-trip guys often get at the major chain stores!

Already have the ring? The Engagement Ring Studio can also help with custom-designed wedding bands and bridal party gifts.  Also, check out their seminars, "Beer, Wings & Rings" where guys can learn how to buy the perfect engagement ring.

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Taking Care of Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

Often considered one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry a women will ever wear, your engagement and wedding ring should be cared for carefully and properly.  Most women, however, don’t know how to take care of their rings. Use the following tips to ensure that your ring maintains its beauty and luster for many years to come.

  • Make sure to have an accurate appraisal of your wedding ring set in case it gets lost.
  • Put your rings in the same place everyday in order to avoid misplacing it.
  • Store your ring in soft cloth or in a jewelry box away from exposure to dirt or chemicals.
  • Take off your rings before cleaning with harsh chemicals to avoid possible dissolve or damage your stone.
  • Clean your rings in a solution of water and mild liquid detergent.
  • Don’t be afraid to take your rings off. This is especially true when playing sports, working out at the gym and gardening.
  • Have the stone in your ring checked at least every 6 months by a jeweler to make sure that the stone has not come loose in the setting.


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