The Most Important Day Of Your Life (And Why Your Wedding Day Isn't It)


I'm about to type something that many people will find controversial.

wedding day

I know - I spend my days surround by all things wedding. How can I possibly say this?! Because it's the truth. I've had some wedding reality shows playing in the office lately as I've been stuffing envelopes and assembling welcome gifts for some of our spring/summer weddings. I normally don't watch them, and now I know why. They insist on perpetuating this mantra that "your wedding day is the best day of your life" and creating the hype that everything must be perfect. So much emphasis is put on the party that the marriage part tends to get overlooked.

I'm not saying you shouldn't have a gorgeous wedding, but don't forget that there are many more "best" days to come.

The day you close on your first house. The days your children are born. The day  your spouse returns home safely from a military deployment. The day you beat cancer. The day you get that big promotion you've worked so hard for. The day you save someone's life. The day you win the lottery. (we can all dream, right?)

Hopefully, your wedding day means marrying your best friend, surrounded by friends and family that mean the world to you. Anything beyond that is just gravy.